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  • General Jobs Last updated by Thembisa: 03 May 2018

    Hi there
    My name is Spencer, aged 23. I would like to avail myself to any job institutions you may have on offer. I have completed my grade 12 and recently did a course in Tourism, though it is yet to be completed. However, I do not possess any job experience as I have never worked before, though I am eager and committed to learn and would grab the opportunity with both hands.

    Should anything arise, please let me know on my contactable details below:


    Your faithfully
    Spencer Mdunge

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    • Good day my name is Thembisa, I'm looking any general job. I want to build my life. I'm having casheir skill, Computer course, public administration. Age 38.

      03 May 2018 Reply to Thembisa
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  • General worker 14 Mar 2018

    Hi I just wanna know how to apply for general worker I'm in western cape citizenship

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  • General worker 22 Feb 2018

    I am willing to work in any circumstances at any time u prefer.i am a hard worker who learn fast

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  • General Worker Skills Last updated by Aupa John: 22 Feb 2018

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of appliying for a job as an general worker but I'd like to know what skills do you think that are indispensable for working as a general worker. I'd like to know if I have them and add them on my CV!

    Thank you,

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    • I'm K.A MATLOKOTSI looking for job or leanership i have experience in height safety .
      Plumbing and basic soil testing techniques
      I'm interested to any of this position including general woker

      13 Sep 2017 Reply to Khatala Matlokotsi
    • Hi im sarah 29yrs im lookng fr job to provide fr my family im a mother of 2 wth no a hard wrkng lady.i have experience on sales, cashier en im a fast learner.

      03 Oct 2017 Reply to sarah
    • Hi, I am writing this on behalf of one of my employees that will be moving to your area at the end of December 2017.
      His name is Patrick Joni, a general worker. He is a good worker with a lot of potential. I will recommend him for any responsible task. He is dependable and can add value to any team.

      08 Nov 2017 Reply to nmasella
    • Hi, i am looking for these job as i have an experience in truck mobile crane and mixer and i am a fast learner whi is willing to work in any circumstances. I am a foster who have 3 childrens. I am willing to work any time.

      22 Feb 2018 Reply to Aupa John
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  • my skills n qualification Last updated by mbali: 03 Jan 2018

    Am phillip madiseng and am looking for a general job cause I have a security papers and experience from my previous job can I combine them together to make a solid c.v

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    • Hi I'm cheslin I'm a guy that is comited to a job always in time an always to the best I can do I would love a job at transnet one of the best places to work my number is:0788342746

      20 Nov 2017 Reply to Cheslin Delacruz
    • hi am mbali,i m 26 yrs old i looking a general work i wish to make my dream come true by get a work,i can happy it i will find a job because can change my life and also family

      03 Jan 2018 Reply to mbali
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  • Looking for a job 01 Dec 2017

    I like to be any part of the teams & am looking for a job I have wife & kids am looking for a general assistant &i have psira c security gradejob0711891285

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  • Looking for a job 01 Dec 2017

    I like to be any part of the teams & am looking for a job I have wife & kids am looking for a general assistant job0711891285

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  • Looking for a job 01 Dec 2017

    I like to be any part of the teams & am looking for a job I have wife & kids am looking for a general assistant job

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  • Unfair advertising 12 Nov 2017

    Most of companies that advertising post don't tell truth cause when you submit the application according to their advert with qualifications they don't call and say experience while on advert they said training will be provided that's the other thing making South Africa to be on high unemployment static

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  • Responding on Applications 12 Nov 2017

    It could be good to applicants to be told by companies what needed from him/her after Application went unsuccessful that will help most unemployed people to know where to upgrade to maximize their chances of job hunting

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  • Employers use their power in a wrong way. 11 Nov 2017

    Employers and eployees benefit from each other. Respect from employer to employee is also needed. When you treat your employees badly in front of ur client shows the lack of respect and abusive of power. If employees did something wrong, call that person in to your office not around everyone.

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  • Workers rights 09 Nov 2017

    Workers have a right to report their bosses if they are fired for no accurate reason

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  • general worker 06 Nov 2017

    Am little man of 23years i can happy if i will find a job who can change my life and also family even a nation because i will take care of all ophans and poor farmillies.

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  • general worker 06 Nov 2017

    am thabane wish to make my dream come true by get a work, i have a metric and licence and I'm a responsible person my number (0722705714).

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  • What do they mean saying cold room environment? Last updated by thabane: 30 Aug 2017

    Offering a job for general worker they put cold room environment. What can it mean? How cold is it?

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    • Dump truck opareter

      12 Aug 2017 Reply to sbusiso nkuna
    • Hi my is Mzwamadoda I'm looking for general work or driving posstion C1 code 10 l'm 36yrs old very flexble man

      16 Aug 2017 Reply to Mzwamadoda
    • I sometimes don't understand why people offering jobs don't pick up their phones where as they know that lot of us want jobs they will email u the next thing u call them no response I think that's a cold room

      20 Aug 2017 Reply to Refiloe
      • Hi Refiloe, you've got a point about the fact that's very cold apply or call for a job and get no answer. I think that basically they have to answer you, even they're interested on your CV or not. It's a thing of a minimum level of respect.

        But it's also true that is more difficult to choose a candidate between a huge amount of them. So that's why human resources deparments or companies avoid to put their offers in forums like this. The easiest way to do it is that whom are interested in a job offer, they apply personally for it. But it's unacceptable that they don't answer all the requests.

        I want to read more opinions about this issue because I think it is interesting.

        Best wishes,

        21 Aug 2017 Reply to Marie
    • Hi am Eunice Mosia m looking for general work job I have no experience I didn't work before but still have that hope one day I will get a job, I made office administration but for 1year it take 3years because of financial problems I didn't finish my cause but still I aimed to do anything as long as I got a job.thanks

      22 Aug 2017 Reply to Eunice
    • I like to work smart I like to work with good people nd working together am interested in this job my number is 0604881976

      30 Aug 2017 Reply to thabane
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  • Looking for a job Last updated by Tapiwa: 28 Aug 2017

    Am looking for a job,I was working at Mponeng mine as a Development and Construction team am able to work under any situation i face and leave my job done.

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    • Hi Bongani, this search is good for you:

      Maybe you'd find what are you looking for. Happy for help you!

      21 Aug 2017 Reply to Anshala
    • Please fellows im need of the job as general work ,and am different wot others please consider plz urgently yours tabs

      26 Aug 2017 Reply to Tapiwa
      • Hello Tapiwa, look for a general worker application here:

        Best regards,

        28 Aug 2017 Reply to Kibo
    • Thanks dear

      28 Aug 2017 Reply to Tapiwa
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  • Cold room environment Last updated by Mpapulang: 21 Aug 2017

    Cold room environment is freeze room were by u can keep the food

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    • Hello Mzwamadoda, I dont' really know if there's a unique meaning. If you're refeing to a job description about a restaurant or a warehouse, it's an industrial fridge. But maybe if it's from a laboratory or experimental offer, it could refer to a place where the experiments take place.
      I hope I'll help you to solve your dubt.
      Kind regards,

      21 Aug 2017 Reply to Mpapulang
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  • find a job Last updated by fundiso jamani: 23 Jul 2017

    I am a ambitious and passionate person,i am hungry to build my own empire helping me to find a job will make my dream come true

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    • Dear sir/madam Iam Fundiso jamani Iam looking for any job in general worker Ihave some experience ni foundation at the powerlines Iam a hard worker please if there is any space for Ihave grade12 Iam also interested in any learnership

      23 Jul 2017 Reply to fundiso jamani
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  • Job seeker 12 Jul 2017

    Dear sir or madam my names is khanyisani Alfred Ngubane I'm 21years old I have code 10 drivers licence,matric, basic computer certificate,security officer with crade c psira and firearm handgun competency my current job I'm working as general worker at shave and Gibson I'm looking for any position for me with my qualifications my cell phone number is 0725519031/email thanks.

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  • My dream job Last updated by Nozuko nketu: 12 Jul 2017

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • my dream job is administrator

      01 Aug 2015 Reply to nokuthula
    • My ideal job is to work for any company that could be interested to my application Especially to be a GENERAL WORKER AND truck assistant because I have a experience of a truck assistant I was working for that job at Loutrans logistics.

      13 Aug 2015 Reply to Vuyane Sydney Magade
    • Dear sir/madam I'm looking for general work my goals this year is to have a licence have a car a house I'm a mother of four kids I'm 29 yrs I will be happy if my dreams can came through

      05 Mar 2017 Reply to thelma lulekwa nomandla
    • I am a female who is hard working i am able to work with different people of various race group I can work well under pressure I have completed grade 11 and I will be happy if I can be one of your employees

      12 Jul 2017 Reply to Nozuko nketu
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  • General work Last updated by kgaugelo ngwepe: 22 Jun 2017

    Dear sir madam I am intrested to your job I have a matric with maths and phisics

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    • Why do you don't go to DISCHEM pharmacy who care for all and apply

      05 Apr 2017 Reply to Rapitsi mpho
    • Hi i am ntombizonke an umployment lady, i would love to be a part of your workers.I have matric n code 10 drives licence

      21 Jun 2017 Reply to Ntombizonke
    • I’m kgaugelo NGWEPE I need any job because I have experience on electrical wires tubing,building and roofing,and I don't have matric.

      22 Jun 2017 Reply to kgaugelo ngwepe
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  • job seeker 07 Jun 2017

    My name is BONIWE SHODI. im a female who is unemployed and im willing to get any job. i like to work for any company who is willing to give me a chance. ive experience of in mining, general worker. i worked as a safety rep in SSRE company for three years.i also have a code 10 drivers licence. im commited in doing my job and im a hard worker. im flexible, adapt easily to change, socializer. im available immediately. call me 0717533918.

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  • Job Last updated by Jess: 06 Jun 2017

    My name is londiwe nduli from Mayville, I have an experience of working as a general worker,I'm a fast learner i would like to hear from the transnet employment team for any vacancies.

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    • Hi Londewe,I want to ask you why do you want to apply to Transnet, because I've read before some negative comments about it as they didn't answer the applications. Do you know if this is true?

      Thank you,

      06 Jun 2017 Reply to Jess
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  • Seeking for employment in the general field Last updated by Phindile: 05 Jun 2017

    My name is queen im looking for work in the general workers field, im open minded to learning new things I would really love to hear from the transnet employment team for any open vacancies

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    • . Looking for administrative job . Have experience in admin of 2 yrs . Qualified as management assistant n6, I am 46 years of age.

      03 Jun 2017 Reply to Matladi Mojapelo
    • Hey I really need a general a easy learn and work fast please God bless u

      05 Jun 2017 Reply to Phindile
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  • I need a job General worker Last updated by Lethakuthula: 25 May 2017

    Hi I like to work for any company who's willing to give me a chance since i'm unemployed.I have an experience in the general worker,I am working as a domestic worker and I have grade 11,I am hungry to build my empire helping me to find a job place

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    • Experienced in cargoship, containers, and
      unemployed. Also qualified security officer with psira registered. I have an experience in warehouse and many general duties.

      20 Mar 2017 Reply to Vusumzi Kotso
    • Hi I'm 27 years old looking for a job as a general worker I have matric And experience as a cashier, packer,and in hospitality but any thing from now I will except .thank my cell no 0723736726

      16 Apr 2017 Reply to Tryphina
    • I'm interested in doing general works ,I have matriculation, level 4 in civil engineering and building construction and I have a computer certificate

      26 Apr 2017 Reply to Nomvula
    • I'm Mbongeleni Mthembu from Durban I have an experience of working as a 2009 I worked as a general worker in SGB Cape company for 9 months and I worked in Superclean as a domestic for for 5 years I'm comitted in my job and I'm willing to go miles doing my job

      13 May 2017 Reply to mbongeleni
    • Hi to everyone, due to the fact that a job in general worker position is very rquested, I've been looking on the Internet to know what are the adequate skills for working as a general worker and I found these ones:

      Demonstrated ability to maintain and repair machines, mechanical equipment, and buildings

      • Highly skilled in fixing electrical errors and faulty electrical switches

      • Able to inspect and analyze problems and comprehend the most excellent way to fix them

      • Track record of performing scheduled precautionary maintenance to make sure that equipment continue to run efficiently

      • In depth knowledge of assembling and setting up machinery or equipment

      • Effective skills in performing common cleaning and upkeeping of buildings and properties

      Surely there're more but from my point of view this are the most important ones. I found them and more information in the following link:

      Do you guys agree that these are the most important ones or do you think there are some others skills equal or more essential to be a general worker?

      I hope we all will fit them and finally get a job.

      Thank you,

      22 May 2017 Reply to Sarabi
    • I'm Lethakuthula from Mayflower I'm interested in this job i have matric (B)i did computer literacy and HBCG at THUTO BOPHELO skills and academy if there is space please contact m 0713214372

      25 May 2017 Reply to Lethakuthula
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  • I need a job 08 Apr 2017

    I am a 20 year old lady who is unemployed and is willing to get any job. I am flexible, adapt easily to change, socializer. I have a code 08 license, N4-5 certificate in Business Management. I have a first aid certificate and toastmasters. I am available immediately, you can contact me at 0715570008.

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  • how to achieve my goals 05 Mar 2017

    In order to achieve my goals I need to know what I want in life because Ihave four kids idnt have place to stay imast start to save money for the kids buildi abether life for them

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  • general worker/Caregiver Last updated by mshenge: 23 Feb 2017

    Sir/madam I'm interested in your company I'm mother of 3 children,I'm willing to work hard and shift I can start asap

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    • I think that if you're interested in a job you should apply to specific vacancies. Jobs are not dealt with here, as far as I know.

      20 Dec 2016 Reply to Aba
    • sir\madam I'm 22 years old I am first job seeker and I'm hoping to get a job because I need it and I promice I wont disappoint

      23 Feb 2017 Reply to mshenge
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  • general assistant job Last updated by zgumede: 12 Dec 2016

    Hi I like to work for any company who's willing to give me chance since im unemployed.I have experience in the protection & security industry and as trade assistant/general worker,I have matric and code8 drivers licence...

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    • Dear sir/ madam. I'm female of 34 years old with 16 years experience in retail,sale and customer service. I'm currently unemployed. Please help me to find any job i' m willing to work at any level in your company

      12 Dec 2016 Reply to zgumede
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  • General work Last updated by nonhlonipho: 08 Dec 2016

    Dear sir madam I am intrested to you job I have a matric I am working as security I am a hard worker I like read and write

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    • Dear sir /madam I am interested to your job I have metric.I am working as a domestic worker and I am a hard worker I like reading and write

      08 Dec 2016 Reply to nonhlonipho
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  • My career goals Last updated by Ellen: 14 Nov 2016

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • My goal for 2016 is to Be a train driver

      14 Apr 2016 Reply to Tonic
    • My goal for 2016 is to obtain drivers licence,and if God bless me financial i can register at Unisa for Diploma in IT

      18 Apr 2016 Reply to Oneliseka
    • I would like to achieve in 2016 to have a more challenging and better paying job

      27 Apr 2016 Reply to Vuyelwa
    • My career goal is to get a better paying job and study further

      14 Nov 2016 Reply to Ellen
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