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  • general worker/Caregiver Deliwe Zulu Last updated by Aba: 20 Dec 2016

    Sir/madam I'm interested in your company I'm mother of 3 children,I'm willing to work hard and shift I can start asap

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    • Aba:

      I think that if you're interested in a job you should apply to specific vacancies. Jobs are not dealt with here, as far as I know.

      20 Dec 2016 Reply to Aba
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  • general assistant job Enos Motau Last updated by zgumede: 12 Dec 2016

    Hi I like to work for any company who's willing to give me chance since im unemployed.I have experience in the protection & security industry and as trade assistant/general worker,I have matric and code8 drivers licence...

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    • zgumede:

      Dear sir/ madam. I'm female of 34 years old with 16 years experience in retail,sale and customer service. I'm currently unemployed. Please help me to find any job i' m willing to work at any level in your company

      12 Dec 2016 Reply to zgumede
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  • General work Ntombozuko jonas 09 Dec 2016

    Dear sir madam I am intrested to your job I have a matric with maths and phisics

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  • General work Ntombozuko Last updated by nonhlonipho: 08 Dec 2016

    Dear sir madam I am intrested to you job I have a matric I am working as security I am a hard worker I like read and write

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    • nonhlonipho:

      Dear sir /madam I am interested to your job I have metric.I am working as a domestic worker and I am a hard worker I like reading and write

      08 Dec 2016 Reply to nonhlonipho
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  • find a job lathiswa 30 Nov 2016

    I am a ambitious and passionate person,i am hungry to build my own empire helping me to find a job will make my dream come true

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  • My career goals JobisJob Last updated by Ellen: 14 Nov 2016

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • Tonic:

      My goal for 2016 is to Be a train driver

      14 Apr 2016 Reply to Tonic
    • Oneliseka:

      My goal for 2016 is to obtain drivers licence,and if God bless me financial i can register at Unisa for Diploma in IT

      18 Apr 2016 Reply to Oneliseka
    • Vuyelwa:

      I would like to achieve in 2016 to have a more challenging and better paying job

      27 Apr 2016 Reply to Vuyelwa
    • Ellen:

      My career goal is to get a better paying job and study further

      14 Nov 2016 Reply to Ellen
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  • What do they mean saying cold room environment? Adri 14 Jul 2016

    Offering a job for general worker they put cold room environment. What can it mean? How cold is it?

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  • My dream job JobisJob Last updated by Vuyane Sydney Magade: 13 Aug 2015

    If you could chose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • nokuthula:

      my dream job is administrator

      01 Aug 2015 Reply to nokuthula
    • Vuyane Sydney Magade:

      My ideal job is to work for any company that could be interested to my application Especially to be a GENERAL WORKER AND truck assistant because I have a experience of a truck assistant I was working for that job at Loutrans logistics.

      13 Aug 2015 Reply to Vuyane Sydney Magade
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