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  • Company culture JobisJob Last updated by Haig: 25 May 2017View last comments

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • Bayede:

      I value the learnership and skill development, educating people

      15 Apr 2016 Reply to Bayede
    • Veronica:

      I value hardwork

      16 Apr 2016 Reply to Veronica
    • Ben Seletedi:

      I value the procument work for now I am working for Gauteng Provincial Treasury.

      20 Apr 2016 Reply to Ben Seletedi
    • Asathi Jolakazi :

      I can work very hard for the gain of the company and work over time as well.... I have my matric certificate and also passed computer.

      22 Apr 2016 Reply to Asathi Jolakazi
    • nomasonto:

      I value the service that transnet have

      29 Apr 2016 Reply to nomasonto
    • Aaron:

      My ideal job is to put work first and working hard for the company and put it in a high position...i have passed my matric and also have a computer certificate.

      01 May 2016 Reply to Aaron
    • Noah:

      I value a company that treats their employees with respect,understanding and values them and show them that they value them

      01 May 2016 Reply to Noah
    • Bongani:

      I value vision and mission

      01 May 2016 Reply to Bongani
    • Mikra:

      I value the reputation and dignity in a company

      02 May 2016 Reply to Mikra
    • Londiwe Mnguni:

      My deal job is to put work first and am a hard worker ,trustworthy I promise I will work hard for the company and put it in a high position. I have passed my matric also have computer certificate and drivers licence code c1

      17 Mar 2017 Reply to Londiwe Mnguni
    • Bulelani joyini:

      My idea is to put the company to the next level,put work first and work hard I am a quick learner,my current job m at BURBERRY v nd a waterfront

      06 May 2017 Reply to Bulelani joyini
    • Haig:

      I`m a tig,mig,co2 weldider looking for worf urgent. I`m in port elizabeth. Got a wife and two children of ten years old. My number 0823676704

      25 May 2017 Reply to Haig
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  • What skills should I have? JobisJob Last updated by Beauty: 12 Apr 2017

    In your opinion which skills do you think are essential for this type of job?

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    • H R clerck:

      The most important skills: Administrative office in HRM

      15 Nov 2015 Reply to H R clerck
    • Beauty:

      Is this company Transnet still existing or only name remained, coz I use to apply for their position but no respond no nothing??

      12 Apr 2017 Reply to Beauty
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  • My career goals JobisJob Last updated by Londiwe Mnguni: 17 Mar 2017

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • motsamai:

      In 2016 I would like to find a better job with a better salary

      10 Apr 2016 Reply to motsamai
    • Lebang:

      My goal for 2016 is to be an auto electrian

      11 Apr 2016 Reply to Lebang
    • Mlungisi Maseko:

      My goal for 2016 is to become a manager in any department to promote the company's benefits and to uplift myself.

      12 Apr 2016 Reply to Mlungisi Maseko
    • Sindisiwe Shange:

      I would like to achieve my dream of becoming an accountant.

      13 Apr 2016 Reply to Sindisiwe Shange
    • Zinhle:

      My goal for 2016 is to become a bookkeeper, and to have more practical experiences.

      20 Apr 2016 Reply to Zinhle
    • Hamida Moosa:

      I would like to achieve in 2016 to be a train asistant and pass my level 2 mechanical engineering

      21 Apr 2016 Reply to Hamida Moosa
    • Abongile:

      My goal for 2016 is to find my real purpose in life and do it

      22 Apr 2016 Reply to Abongile
    • Joseph:

      My goal for 2016 is to get more work exposure and to get growth in the work I will be doing. Challenging job, where I will apply my skills and abilities to do the work.

      24 Apr 2016 Reply to Joseph
    • H.T. Ngcobo:

      My goal for 2016 is to get a job in sales marketing or warehousing filed(s). I have formal three years of work experience in an international company. I do lots of networking activities of which I believe is the face of the future.

      28 Apr 2016 Reply to H.T. Ngcobo
    • Sindisiwe Ntshoza :

      My goal for 2016 is to Operate Earth moving machine / Hydraulic Excavator

      28 Apr 2016 Reply to Sindisiwe Ntshoza
    • Zikmkhitha Sekoebetlana:

      I want to finish my N4 in electrical engineering

      30 Apr 2016 Reply to Zikmkhitha Sekoebetlana
    • Silindile:

      I would like to achieve my goal of being electrician . I done my phase1 ,N4, and Ncv programme for electrical engineering and i also done my internship at Bell equipment

      30 Apr 2016 Reply to Silindile
    • Katlego Legae:

      Property Valuation

      03 Aug 2016 Reply to Katlego Legae
    • Katlego Legae:

      My career goals are opening a company this year and performing freelance valuations for all types of companies and private client's

      03 Aug 2016 Reply to Katlego Legae
    • Phindile:

      I want to improve my career goals by 2017. Willing to do safety and health environment management.

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to Phindile
    • kelvin govender:

      I with really like to further my studies in welding

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to kelvin govender
    • Bomy:

      My deal is general worker at transfer plz help

      23 Feb 2017 Reply to Bomy
    • Londiwe Mnguni:

      My goal for 2017 I want to carry on with my companie , I opened a company at 2014 and it expired because I was struggling to get a job,and my account at standard bank have been expired because I was not depositing any money for long please help so I can fulfill my goal.

      17 Mar 2017 Reply to Londiwe Mnguni
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  • administrator jerome quest Last updated by merriam phetla: 23 Feb 2017

    I need a job in administrating. Im now a service manager. I study marketing management

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    • simphiwe:

      Investigator/Inspector/Security Manager

      hi there,l need a job as the investigator/Inspector and or Security manager.l have six years experience working as the investigating officer with SAPS,Six years as the inspector with PSIRA,have National Diploma in policing,National Certificate in anti-corruption,Registered with Psira Grade C,Registered and an affiliate with ACFA and code EB drivers licence

      17 Jan 2017 Reply to simphiwe
    • phindiwe:

      I recently qualified as an.electrician at Transnet bt Transner cant employ me although they trained me .Now im unemployed I was not even given a notice they just gave me a letter on the day I was suppose to finish and that was it .So Im wondering why is Transnet traing people if the training is not good enough for them to work for Transnet ????

      18 Jan 2017 Reply to phindiwe
    • Brianl:

      I am living with a disability, in need of a job where i can be able to show case my talent. I hold a National Diploma in Civil.

      25 Jan 2017 Reply to Brianl
    • merriam phetla:

      Hi, I am a 29 years old female with only metric and N6 management Assistant with no experience and looking for a job as an MA/office admin/adminitration at transnet...I am a hard working person and I take my job seriously and also a fast learner..please help

      23 Feb 2017 Reply to merriam phetla
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  • General work Busani Last updated by khululiwe: 14 Feb 2017

    I am need job i am hard working

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    • Dombo Thelma:

      Am looking for any job as i was struggling for many years so please help

      09 Feb 2017 Reply to Dombo Thelma
    • Bshop:

      Does this site work or we are just busy wasting our energy trying to apply

      09 Feb 2017 Reply to Bshop
      • bob:

        I haven’t been lucky yet myself, but i remember seeing some experiences somewhere at the bottom of the homepage

        13 Feb 2017 Reply to bob
    • khululiwe:

      I'm a vibrant person with lot of potential I'm game for any challenges I have first aider experience

      14 Feb 2017 Reply to khululiwe
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  • My dream job JobisJob Last updated by Asisipho: 08 Feb 2017

    If you could chose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • jan modiba:

      My ideal job is to work as electrical

      09 Apr 2016 Reply to jan modiba

      My ideal job is ELECTRICIAN

      14 Apr 2016 Reply to THANDUMUSA
    • Nkululeko:

      My ideal job is capturing software

      17 Apr 2016 Reply to Nkululeko
    • Shadrack :

      My ideal job is work hard and work in weekends overtime i passed grade 12,code 10 drivers licences (PDP) have experience in operating machines TLB

      17 Apr 2016 Reply to Shadrack
    • Nkululeko:

      My ideal job is driving job without a pdp

      18 Apr 2016 Reply to Nkululeko
    • Matthew:

      My ideal job is doing boiler maker but cause i haven't got any trade in it for now i'll really appreciate starting by general working or any kind of work. Dan from there i'll push myself to my goal;but working for transnat is always been my dream

      19 Apr 2016 Reply to Matthew
    • Anna :

      My ideal job is cleaning at transnet plz..i will be very very happy

      19 Apr 2016 Reply to Anna
    • Linda :

      Health and safety representative

      20 Apr 2016 Reply to Linda
    • Qokoyi Sandile:

      My ideal job is to work as an electrisian here at cape town bt i don't have any experiance about it.i do have grade 12

      20 Apr 2016 Reply to Qokoyi Sandile
    • Bongeka Patience Mkhize:

      My ideal job is cleaner.i also would enjoy doing hospitality at Transnet

      22 Apr 2016 Reply to Bongeka Patience Mkhize
    • maleqoa nkutha:

      My ideal job would be personnel trainer

      22 Apr 2016 Reply to maleqoa nkutha
    • Prince zingisani ngqoleka:

      My ideal job is am stll a student in central johannesburg college doing machenical engineering am doing level 3 i waz wondering if the is any skill developent or scolarship

      23 Apr 2016 Reply to Prince zingisani ngqoleka
    • Melikhaya Brian Mzwelitye:

      My ideal job is being inside transnet permanent and work my way up to the top because I want to study feather as I am a drop out due to funds at NMMU Wher I studied sound engineering. So I still want to study and get a better job such as a Potter. Transnet is a quality company that I will work my whole life having positive futuristic plans and goals to achieve.
      Melikhaya Brian Mzwelitye

      23 Apr 2016 Reply to Melikhaya Brian Mzwelitye
    • Sizwe Zwane:

      My ideal job is Health and Safety Jobs

      25 Apr 2016 Reply to Sizwe Zwane
    • Phindile:

      My career gaol this year is to be ano admin at transnet logistics , I am trying my best to get a licence by December.If transnet learnership will help me I will be so much happier I do have administration certificate please help

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to Phindile
    • kelvin govender:

      My dream job is to be part of transnet welding.

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to kelvin govender
    • sandile:

      My ideal job iz driving I have a code 14 license with a prdp

      15 Oct 2016 Reply to sandile
    • kgomotso :

      My ideal job is Administration,hospitality,cleaning

      18 Oct 2016 Reply to kgomotso
    • Ravida Smith:

      To be employed by a company like transnet and build a future of a success full growth

      02 Nov 2016 Reply to Ravida Smith
    • Thandekilw Zulu:

      I am lady,disable,I have interested in administration officer and Safety officer

      08 Nov 2016 Reply to Thandekilw Zulu
    • zspelman:

      To become one of the best ceo at Transnet, that will grow the company and bring more business and profit to create more jobs for South Africans.

      08 Nov 2016 Reply to zspelman
    • Sicelo Ndlovu:

      To be employed as a port terminal worker and also a driver. i find it awsome if the youth grow in the company and learn new up coming tasks in the company.

      08 Nov 2016 Reply to Sicelo Ndlovu
    • Teremok:

      My Ideal is to get a job from Transnet, I want a Job with a better future..Philani

      09 Nov 2016 Reply to Teremok
    • Hlengele:

      I am a lady with grade 12 but no working experience, who wishes to work for Transnet as a port terminal worker/ any available position. I am looking for any job that can grow my skill and help me to support my family.

      25 Jan 2017 Reply to Hlengele
    • yoliswa:

      I wish I could get a job from Transnet, any kind of job I value hard work

      25 Jan 2017 Reply to yoliswa
    • yoliswa:

      General worker

      I wish I could get a job from Transnet, any kind of job I value hard work

      25 Jan 2017 Reply to yoliswa
    • sibongiseni:

      I wish i could get a job from trasnet i passed grade 12 and level 1n2 in HR

      07 Feb 2017 Reply to sibongiseni
    • Nomfuneko Mbananga:

      My ideal job is to working in supply chain but i can take any kind of job as i know that i am eager to learn

      07 Feb 2017 Reply to Nomfuneko Mbananga
    • Asisipho:

      I wish I could get a job from Transnet, any kind of a job I would appreciate I have level 3 on Information Technology but still studying please help me out

      08 Feb 2017 Reply to Asisipho
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  • I am struggling to get a job elsies Last updated by Nomfuneko Mbananga: 07 Feb 2017

    I would like to ask anyone quo could help me get a job as I have BTH degree and studying part time so that I can be able to further my studies

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    • sikie:

      Hi guys im strugling to find a job.i studied electrical engineering(college diploms) and i dont have experience.i really need help from companies to train me may be my presence will be helpful inside the companies that can help me

      14 Nov 2016 Reply to sikie
    • sbonelo:

      My is sbonelo I'm looking for a job i hv drivers license Ec security from transnet protection officer.front end loader operator and a shooting pistol n rifle I need a job any company that could help please.

      06 Jan 2017 Reply to sbonelo
    • luyakaamoh:

      I have just completed my Diploma in Transportation management at the university of Johannesburg. My major module are Maritime transport, import & export, logistics management and transportation & warehousing. I would like to be assisted since I have a high interest in the maritime and import & export industry. I am currently doing my internship at Umgungundlovu district municipality as a Fleet controller. I have been serving for 1 year and 6 month in the transport department. I also have 6 months experience in the finance department as a creditor controller and assets controller. I am opened for the room of learning and I am prepared to start from the bottom and work my way up. It would be a life charging opportunity for me to work at the company and with my experience and skill, I am sure I will be very instrumental to the companies success once given an opportunity. Please assist. Thanks

      18 Jan 2017 Reply to luyakaamoh
    • Bshop:

      I need a full time job that accommodates people that has grade 10 with no job experience and no qualification.

      20 Jan 2017 Reply to Bshop
    • Nomfuneko Mbananga:

      Hi i am a lady looking for an admin job, I hold a diploma in Public management can u plz assist.

      07 Feb 2017 Reply to Nomfuneko Mbananga
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  • Looking for a job as an environmental/municipal health practitioner Jazzman#15 24 Jan 2017

    what are the chances of a 56yr-old male with 20+ years experience of finding employment as an Environmental Health Practitioner? I have a National Diploma as well as a Bachelor of Technology degree in the field. I also hold a certificate in Local Govt. & Development Management;passed the Environmental Management Inspector-Environmental Health Practitioners (Nov 2015, as well as passed the Peace Officer training in November 2016

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  • Type of work contract JobisJob Last updated by zama zah: 18 Jan 2017

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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      full time job

      19 Oct 2015 Reply to HENDRICK HARRIS
    • Philisiwe:

      part time job because I run my own business so I need to supplement my income so I can grow my business.

      21 Oct 2015 Reply to Philisiwe
    • Mvumes:

      I am doing financial management n4.I will be very if I can get a job at Transnet I also have grade c security and cashier experience.

      09 Nov 2016 Reply to Mvumes
    • selleng:

      I have n6 certificate in management assistant and 2 years admin assistant work experience.i would like to be admin in transnet logistic.
      thank you

      10 Nov 2016 Reply to selleng
    • zama zah:

      Hi my name is Nomvelo Khumalo. I am looking for a job and I have drivers license C1, N6 in Business Management but now I am doing In-service at Hlabisa Hospital till February

      18 Jan 2017 Reply to zama zah
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  • bursary elsies 01 Nov 2016

    I'm looking for someone or a company to sponsor me I have graduated Becholars degree in theology I would like to do honours next year 2017 as I am studying towards minister of word so anyone who could be kind to assist me

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  • Water purification job Alfred 11 Oct 2016

    Process controller (water treatment plant operater)7 years experience Nqf4 certificate in water and wastewater treatment plant operator.I'm still working at municipality.please contact me 0638640084

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  • I want to be a safety officer. Hlengiwe Last updated by vuyani : 08 Oct 2016

    Health and safety

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    • Rose:

      I am in possession of samtrac, ohs act, hira, she system documentation tool, safety management risk process, legal liability and ohsa certificates as my post matriculation qualifications as well as knowledge of maintenance management system.

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to Rose
    • Hlengiwe:

      I want and love to be a Health and Safety Officer because it's such a dynamic and challenging job which makes me ensure the health and Safety of employees in the workplace and also for me to ensure that all the Health and Safety legislations are being adhered to by the organisation. I'm currently employed somewhere and am studying towards a Health and Safety certificate which I hope one day would be towards a profession in this field which I find so fascinating

      04 Oct 2016 Reply to Hlengiwe
    • vuyani :

      I would like to a port worker but can do anything including welding as i served 5 years as a welder than started my own small business at home

      08 Oct 2016 Reply to vuyani
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