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  • My dream job Last updated by Mbalenhle Ngwenya: 14 Nov 2017 View last comments

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is Health and Safety or SAMTRACK

      03 Jan 2016 Reply to Tobias Munashe Vudzijena
      • Samtrac doesn't look like the real deal. The real deal for me is diploma in safety, health and environment

        31 Jan 2017 Reply to Baba Tee
    • I Joel I will like to have job occupational health and safety officers which I have experienced many accident cos lackof nolege .

      25 Nov 2016 Reply to ngwato phofane joel
    • Would be glad to work as a health and safety officer

      30 Nov 2016 Reply to bontle
    • I Moses Mtshwene have started to work as a SHE Rap in the year 2014 at Sappie-Enstra, then pursued my studies in this field in order to be a professional and qualified Safety Officer.

      11 Dec 2016 Reply to moses mtshwene
    • I would like to get health and safety manager job offer via the aid of job is job

      28 Dec 2016 Reply to Jimmy
    • I have comsoc 1&2,Itis,blasting certificade and national diploma in safety officer and now I was working as a miner for the last 13 years.i want to be a safety officer

      23 Jan 2017 Reply to nicolas
    • I have started my own consulting firm under occupational health and safety,the challenge I have found is that there's no platform for up coming consultants,how do we voice out our concerns?Consulting Engineer choses his friends, what about us????

      13 Apr 2017 Reply to Pakamisa
    • Hi I have completed OHS short course with Oxbridge College and looking to job

      20 Oct 2017 Reply to puseletso
    • Gloria

      Hi I have completed OHS short course with Oxbridge College and looking to job

      20 Oct 2017 Reply to puseletso
    • Hi
      I'm qualify safety officer 4years experience of powerstation
      Iwas worked at Lta as She rep rail project
      I was at Stefstocks Solo recovery Hse off
      I was @ctom Berbers Repairing Hse off
      J&C expansion joint Hse off
      GC burner,ducting & pf pipe repairing Hse off

      14 Nov 2017 Reply to Mbalenhle Ngwenya
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  • Health and safety officers group Last updated by Dean: 01 Nov 2017

    Hi Safety officers

    Please sent me your number to me if you will to join our Safety Officers group in KZN

    We trying to help our self to get job while we not work ,Company's they close their hads to give us even experience

    Don't hesitate to join us 0799577771

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    • Please contact me on 079 7429 245 at any time
      I am originally form KZN Durban i am interested on joining this forum

      17 Oct 2017 Reply to Pele Mbutho
    • 0793384095...please add me to the group...I am always looking for new safety information such as. Courses etc

      01 Nov 2017 Reply to Dean
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  • What are expert system for safety officers? Last updated by Senzo mkhize: 10 Oct 2017

    Is it true that the safety officer has to use expert systems for supporting environmental and ecological decision making. If yes what kind of systems are they?

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    • I have realized that in a health and safety field, no matter how many health and safety systems you have if one is not visible enough on the floor level to specially deal with Behavioural issues and complacency, all your systems will prove to be paper work that has no value

      28 Dec 2016 Reply to Jimmy
    • I believe that all Un experienced safety officers should be given opportunities and implement our knowledge on site this how so ever will boost our knowledge and working skills.

      26 Sep 2017 Reply to . Com
    • Hi I am senzo mkhize .I am currently residing in kzn .I want a job or internship of safety.I got national diploma in safety management .I studied at unisa.anyone can help contact 0726529019

      10 Oct 2017 Reply to Senzo mkhize
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  • Available vacancies Last updated by thwala: 19 Sep 2017

    Please forward me the available vacancies when they arise

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    • please help me ,i am looking for a safety officer job ,i have completed my ASHEP,SAMTRAC, SAMTRAC FOR MINING & INCIDENT INVESTIGATION at NOSA and now i'm busy studying NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SAFETY MANAGEMENT WITH UNISA. I also completed my Pc technician certificate with ATTI collage but now i am currently working at Shongwe Hospital as Paramedic.

      19 Sep 2017 Reply to thwala
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  • Safety officer looking for a job Last updated by Petrus: 19 Sep 2017

    Hi I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job as Health and safety officer. Have Samtrac, SHE Representative as well as First Aid Level 1 and registered with SAIOSH.


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    • The reason for job losses is the SACPCMP, because people run and do Degrees and Diploma's and get jobs without work on a site before. The market is overflow from Safety Officers and how can you still pay the SACPCMP a yearly fee of R 1900 as you not get work for a year.

      19 Sep 2017 Reply to Petrus
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  • safety officer Last updated by Aubrey: 19 Sep 2017

    Im looking for a job as a safety officer, (samtrac mining, comsoc 1 an 2, )

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    • I am looking for a job as a safety officer( national diploma in safety management, unisa)

      19 Sep 2017 Reply to Aubrey
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  • Experience needed? How? 19 Sep 2017

    Good Day

    I am 20 years old and have completed Samtrack NQF Level 5 with some other courses as well. Everyone is looking for a person with experience. How do we gain experience if no one is willing to give you a chance? I have applied for thousands of vacancies even the one's I don't qualify for but to date nothing. I will however not quit!

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  • Looking for a vacancy of SAFETY OFFICER Last updated by Malaika: 21 Aug 2017

    Good day I'm looking for a vacancy of Safety Officer, Junior Safety Officer as I have four years working experience AS Junior Safety Officer and I'm employed at this stage and no one working at home I have done Courses such as: SHE REPRESENTATIVE, ASHEPP, FIRST AID LEVEL 1, INTRODUCTION TO SAMTRAC, INCIDENT INVESTIGATION LEVEL 3 and SAMTRAC and I can be contacted at anytime here are my digits 0788684949

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    • Hello Patrick, perhaps you'll find something here:

      I hope it will help you to find a job
      Kind regards,

      21 Aug 2017 Reply to Malaika
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  • Looking for a job as an OHS Last updated by Flavia Mapiyeye: 12 Jul 2017

    Am a lady working at Sun City as asupervisor under the cleaning company Bidvest Prestige at Rustenburg

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    • Hello Christina, thank you for share your experience. I'd like to know how do you find this job and if we could also apply for other current vacancies to the company that you're working for.

      Best regards,

      26 Jun 2017 Reply to Anmali
    • Hi I have Certificate in She representative, NQF level 3 ,because of financial problem I fail to proceed with my studies, as it been while struggling to get job, you my last hope I think your company will offer me ,with what I am waiting for, I can work as volunteer in order to gain experience.

      12 Jul 2017 Reply to Flavia Mapiyeye
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  • Should I quit my job? Last updated by Laone Odumeleng: 28 Jan 2017

    At my current job I am not learning anything anymore - I also cannot move up or move around in the company to learn something else (we are too small).

    I am in the position where I only need to work for about 3 of the 5 working days, and I still do all my jobs task (plus a bit more for the extra mile), so I have two days free during the week.

    Now I have two options: 1) I stay at my current job and find something else to do the 2 days I have open - something where I can get other relevant work experience. OR 2) I quit my job and take up another job at another company where I can continue learning and maybe move up in that company.

    Option 1 sounds ideal, because I will still get my full monthly salary AND whatever I can get from what I do during the open 2 days BUT, then I am limiting my time to further learn and build my experience to only 2 days per week.

    What do you think?

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    • I am looking for a job as a she officer. I have completed my Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Law. I have 9 months working experience in a construction site

      28 Jan 2017 Reply to Laone Odumeleng
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