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  • driving job 14 Feb 2018

    hi I have code 14 without experience and I am looking for a job please call me at 0736320308

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  • General 06 Jan 2018

    Am 24 years old general work u can contacted me on my gmail or cell number is 0638409357

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  • no experience needed Last updated by Naniekie: 25 Sep 2017

    Do you think that a job vaccancy that doesn't require any type of experience is a realiably one? Because I was defrauded at once I don't want that happens antoher time but I didn't have work experience because I'm a student...

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    • lam looking for a jobs 'lam 35years old l needed cleaner job 'lam hart works 'i achieved grade11

      25 Jul 2017 Reply to pretty Ramadi
    • Any job I just need a job from R5000

      31 Jul 2017 Reply to Elias
      • Hi Elias! Try to find a job with the following search:

        Best wishes for you!

        01 Aug 2017 Reply to Kimya
    • I'm 44 looking for a retail job as I have 10 years working on retail with good experience.

      Salary expected from R4000

      25 Sep 2017 Reply to Naniekie
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  • My career goals Last updated by Abatwa: 17 Jul 2017

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • My goal for 2016 is get a descent job thus contribute to the companies economy , and to African economy as a whole

      06 Aug 2015 Reply to Mancoba Maseko
    • Hi

      I'm 30yrs old looking for a job for driving. I'm owning a car since 2011.I finished my grade 12 on 2006.

      14 Jul 2017 Reply to Khumalo siyabonga
    • Hi Khumalo! Perhaps this offer would be interesting for you:

      Good luck!

      17 Jul 2017 Reply to Abatwa
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  • Code 10 driver 07 Jul 2017

    What type of jobs will you recommend to apply for if I only get code 10 driver¨?


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  • Hiring people without experience is it common now? Last updated by anitta: 22 Nov 2016

    Do you think many companies now can be interested in hiring people without experience? Or is it more an exemption to the rule?

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    • You might not have exprience,but found that you have better ideas,knowledge ,and you know business plans, different strategies how to handle your business ,you might have experience found that you don't have your ideas don't work always ,Anitha 19 years old 0781030575

      22 Nov 2016 Reply to anitta
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  • Company culture Last updated by Machidi Ngoasheng: 03 Dec 2015

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value that people can treat each other equally. Team work is also essential.

      03 Dec 2015 Reply to Machidi Ngoasheng
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