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  • Call centre or administration receptionist Last updated by Anneline: 07 Jan 2018

    Please help me get a job in call centre (inbound/outbound ),clerical administration or receptionist. I have experience in all this field... anyone able to assist please contact me.

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    • Am a very hard working person and I am interested in call centre agent as I have a certificate for it.

      15 May 2017 Reply to Bridget
    • I'm a disabled international inbound outbound customer service call center agent I'm living in a disabled home and dey treat me bad need a job to make be out I gt 7 years cc experience pls help me number 0718298622

      07 Jan 2018 Reply to Anneline
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  • Seeking vacancy as Call Centre Manager(inbound and/or outbound) Last updated by Zambia: 18 Sep 2017

    I have more than 15 years experience in call centre management. Managed several departments with in Operations successfully for many years. This includes, workforce management, pre and post sales, customer services, fleet management, fleet control, IT, tele-sales, recoveries and brand management.

    My skills and abilities,
    My ability to work in a team structure: More often than not, being successful requires you to work with others in order to get tasks and projects completed. I take kindly to sharing ideas, am open to ideas and input from others and am willing to put the team and the company’s interests ahead of my own.

    Verbally Communicate with Persons Inside and Outside the Organisation: In order to get the job done, I have the ability to effectively communicate with multiple departments in an organisation. This comes in handy when I need to get something expedited for a customer, or if I need to understand how a function or process works. I also have the ability to effectively communicate with customers and vendors. An effective communicator is also a good motivator and I thus get others to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

    Make Decisions and Solve Problems: I have the ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company, and solving problems with the most efficiency and thus limiting potential damages to the organisation.

    Obtain and Process Information: I have the ability to process complex information easily and take the initiative to obtain the necessary information to perform my job and making sound business decisions in the best interest of the organisation and do not wait for others to provide me with the information.

    Analyse Quantitative Data: I have the ability to source, understand and present statistics as they relate to the company, which enables me to implement plans that help improve efficiency and return on investment

    Currently situated in the Western Cape in the Northern Suburbs. I can be reached anytime on my cell phone at 083 446 5501 or my email

    Kind regards,


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    • Hi Victor! You can apply for any of this offers and sent your CV:

      Best regards,

      16 Aug 2017 Reply to Ayo
    • hi guys i have experience in call center .was working for telkom inbound assurance and mobile.please help i need job.iam currently studying teaching at unisa and going to drop out because i do not afford my studies and rent.please help iam from durban.

      15 Sep 2017 Reply to Nondumiso
      • Hi Nondumiso, take a look at this offers:

        Maybe one of them could be your next job!
        Good luck!

        18 Sep 2017 Reply to Zambia
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  • Guys I have a certificate in call am looking for a job 15 May 2017

    Call centre agent

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  • Call centre agent Last updated by Johan: 13 Apr 2017

    I'd like to apply for jobs as an agent in a call centre. I'm a fast learner and have good personal skills. I think I can do the job. Any advice?

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    • Don't forget there are two types of call centres, outbound and inbound. It can be a great job. I find people who work in a call centre must be emotionally very resilient because in the end of the day a big part of your job is to either make unsolicited calls to try and sell something, or else, you're the recipient of customers complaints. It's the kind of job you've got to like, it's got to be a challenge for you.

      25 Jan 2017 Reply to Pacey
    • Being a call centre agent is a challenging job. Whether is inbound or outbound. Not everyone can do this job at their best. You must be friendly at all times and you must be a person who enjoys talking to people, finding exactly how you can help them and giving your inputs there and there to keep them happy. I’d say…this is a job for people who are not afraid of challenges and who accepts responsibilities.

      31 Jan 2017 Reply to Mkhwanfa
    • Good day I also went to some interviews in JHB so it's kind of hard for me to trust these what'sapp job. For starters if you email them your cv why do you still have to bring another cv with you and go to a call center training for a week and pay R800 for a certificate of a week so if your ligit you will send someone straight to the employer for an interview and is the money that's been posted true .can I please get a feedback on my concern. Because I went to a place in randburg and my salary was 2500 but they posted 7000 .

      21 Mar 2017 Reply to Zakwakhe
    • I've once work as call center agent and still looking forward to get another job

      29 Mar 2017 Reply to Jade2010
      • I also worked in one for a little while, substituting for a month. How are you going to go about getting a job? I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks!

        30 Mar 2017 Reply to Phil
    • Hie all the posts and I have been through similar predicaments even asked to pay money before I even sign a contract or know where I will be looking for a customer care vacancy which pays more than R10K...been doing customer care since 2009 and I love it, now I just need to get close to what im worth...anyone who can help me out please get back to me on and 0722332003.

      09 Apr 2017 Reply to EddieL
      • Hi Eddie, I've been on a similiar situation as the one you explain here. One supposed "exclusive and really prestigious" company requested that I have to pay before doing it if want to have the opportunity of having a job interview with them, so I resufed to apply. It's not a fair way to get applicants because money can't define your job skills at all... so I've decided to still gazing at other job offers that fits my ethic standards. Wish me luck!

        13 Apr 2017 Reply to Johan
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