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  • Training of HOD's in companies 05 Sep 2017

    Dear colleagues,

    In my few months in Human Resources practice, I have notice a gap that I believe as HR professionals can play a big role. I have realise that we develop good policies but the drivers of those policies seems not understanding the importance of driving them correctly and I have discovered that is not like they don't want to drive this policies but is lack of training and support to advise them in understanding their role as HOD's. I therefore suggest we create a support base on how HR professionals get involve themselves in guiding the Head of Departments. Those are my observations and I stand to be corrected.

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  • HR Last updated by Alexandra: 05 Sep 2017

    How to cope with a racial discrimination in the middle of a human resource (HR) recruitment process?
    I've felt this way but I don't know what to do...

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    • Hello Mavina! Luckly, I've never lived this situation but maybe here you could find some useful advices:

      Best regards,

      05 Sep 2017 Reply to Alexandra
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  • application as enrolled nurse Last updated by Rahma: 13 Jul 2017

    Enrolled nurse

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    • Hello Khanyisile! Try to find some vacancies for enrolled nurse at:

      Best regards,

      13 Jul 2017 Reply to Rahma
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