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  • WHY MUST ONE RETIRE/STOP WORKING AT 65? Last updated by Elizabeth: 09 Oct 2017

    Many people who have years of excellent experience either have to retire at 65 OR if older than 65 it is virtually impossible to get a new position. Here you have people with tremendous skills and experience who are eager to work (and can!)but will not be employed - even at a lower than normal salary. One reads daily in the press that South Africa is short of skilled people....yet the most skilled will not be employed. Sense or nonsense????

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    • Soo true! Unbelievable!

      20 Mar 2017 Reply to Liva
    • I am retired 62 year old PA/Secretary and seeking a part time position to keep me abreast of new developments. I am still strong and willing to learn more. For me there is no reason to retire if one can still work and you are fit and healthy

      09 Oct 2017 Reply to Elizabeth
    • I don't think people should be asked to retire at 65 if they still feel healthy enough to continue with work. Why should politicians go on wortlking until 90 even when then not productive

      09 Oct 2017 Reply to Elizabeth
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  • Half day Last updated by Nia: 20 Mar 2017

    I’m studying and would like to find a part time job. could somebody advice what would be best for an 18 year old student?

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    • if you’re interested in mornings, leaflet distributor or shop assistant might be good options.

      16 Mar 2017 Reply to Femi
    • In fact leaflet distributor and shop assistant can also be evening jobs… If you have a motorbike you can also find jobs as pizza delivery girl. More specialised jobs would be reception assistant in an office or doctor’s surgery. There are buckets of opportunities.

      20 Mar 2017 Reply to Nia
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