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  • What is the minimum wage for a general worker in South Africa? Sade 25 Apr 2017

    Hello, almost all the jobs that I've been working in required general worker skills. The denomination is very ambiguous as they're the salaries that I've perceived from this kind of jobs. One period I was working in one job category and I earned more or less, depending on this "category fluctuation". So I was looking for information about that and I found that link that for me was very useful and I want to share it with you:

    I hope it'll help you as it did to me.


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  • How to Crack the "hidden" job market? Tanisha 25 Apr 2017

    Hi guys! It's usually to see that we all go for the same types of job offers but what about other job offers that perhaps would be more adequate for us?
    Here there's an interesting article that I found about that issue.

    I'm interested in what you think guys 'cause I'm looking desesperately for a job.

    Best wishes,

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  • getting a job with no experience Sarah 21 Apr 2017

    Hi guys, I'm looking for any job offer as a driver because I've just taken my drive license and I need a job urgently but I have no previous experience in that field. Here I paste one article that I founded that talks about what to do to get experience for a job but I need more advices. Could anyone help me?

    Thank you,

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  • Port Elizabeth Malana 13 Apr 2017

    Hi! Iive recently move forward to Port Elizabeth and I urgently need a job. I've read that the main industries in that area are automotive and Port and harbour facilities. Could you suggest some companies where I can apply for job offers?

    I hope I'll enjoy living here! Thank you everybody

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  • learnership Niara 13 Apr 2017

    Hello to everyone! I'm here 'cause I want to improve my educational skills by doing a learnership in any company that offers it around the country. Lately I look a list of them in this link:

    But I don't really know who of them offers a better project. Any advices of some who have experienced at any of them?

    Thank you so much!

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  • Admin Ashanti 13 Apr 2017

    Hello sirs and madams, I've already finnished my administration studies and I'd like to know how difficult is to get inside the job market of that kind of job by reading some of your experiences about finding a job of this type or whatever. Thank you so much!! I've been waiting for your answers

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  • Transnet Sarabia 13 Apr 2017

    Hi guys! Recently I was hearted interested in apply myself to try to get a job in Transnet but I've been taking a look above some comments that discouraged me from that. I'm looking for some real experience from Transnet workers or applicant to make up my mind. Thanks!

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  • Driver code 10 France moloi Last updated by Keith david: 13 Apr 2017

    Im France moloi,i do have a 7yrs driving experience.My previous job was at a bakery and i was driving 8ton trucks,i do have two driving certificates:driving evaluation and conversion driving.

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    • Zabu:

      African male age 32 name zabu zabalaza Mkhonto looking for driving vacancy anywhere in south Africa . I have full 10 years driving c1 experience with PDP. Solemnly will even sleep out .

      11 Feb 2017 Reply to Zabu
    • slindy:

      Ralfh david malin olifant i have 4years driving experience i am currently unemployed and i have a c1drivers licence with pdp and im staying in newcastle and im very hard working can work under presure and late shifts its not a probleme

      16 Mar 2017 Reply to slindy
    • Khuliso:

      Im a man age 28 im looking for driving job i hve code 10 c1 with prdp residing at joburg cbd,willing to start anytimr from today thanx i real appreciate ur help

      07 Apr 2017 Reply to Khuliso
    • Keith david:

      Hi my name is keith david looking for a driving job got code10 with pdp willing to do the hours an task the company gives me call me on 0817847636

      13 Apr 2017 Reply to Keith david
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  • looking for job in driving Nelson Last updated by Hendrick: 06 Apr 2017

    Hi my name is Nelson I have code 14 with pdp I'm a hard worker.and able to speak English I'm active.i don't smoke either alcohol. I'm passionate for my job. My number is 079 8464 069

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    • Hendrick:

      Hi my name is Hendrick I got ten years driving experience. I am looking for a job as driver

      06 Apr 2017 Reply to Hendrick
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  • Owner driver Dave Last updated by Sidney Chabalala: 28 Jan 2017

    Lookin for a owner driver work in gauteng

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    • Sidney Chabalala:

      I have more than ten years experience and have never been in accidents since I had my driving license.

      28 Jan 2017 Reply to Sidney Chabalala
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  • Company culture JobisJob Last updated by Anton: 23 Nov 2016

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • Madodanele:

      I value honesty

      24 Apr 2016 Reply to Madodanele
    • Lucky mkhwanazi:

      My name is lucky Mkhwanazi I have a forklift license I'm looking for a job and in a hard work.

      04 Aug 2016 Reply to Lucky mkhwanazi
    • Anton:

      I would say job satisfaction. There is no way that you can do your best (work performance) if you not happy in your position at the company.There are so many people sitting in jobs just for the money to survive but with no job satisfaction. Loyalty and honesty branch from job satisfaction.

      23 Nov 2016 Reply to Anton
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  • Why do they ask Good communication and customer service skills for a driver? Dewald Last updated by Anton: 23 Nov 2016

    I've just seen a job offer for a driver's position. And one of the requirements were Good communication and customer service skills. But for what? A driver should drive and be attentive. Am I right?

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    • France:

      My name is France moloi, i was working at blue-ribbon bakery as a bakery sales driver and i know how to deal with customers and to communicate with them because i know that a customer is always right

      04 Aug 2016 Reply to France
      • Anton:

        France, I appreciate your communication and customer skills and believe you are a good representative for your company. The time when I studied Business Management there was a debate in class 'if the customer is always right'. It was found that the customer is not always right (but) that the customer always come first

        23 Nov 2016 Reply to Anton
    • Anton:

      The customer is the heart and existence of your company. I agree to drive you must be attentive but the moment you stop at the customer's business, you are a representative. You are the important person between your employer and the customer.The customer might have questions (communication) about a certain product or have some returns due to damages or what the case may be. This is where the importance of communication and customer service skills kick in. Unfortunately your employer can only measure your performance on what is visible to him but seldom can do any performance appraisal on your customer service skills. I am a driver myself.

      23 Nov 2016 Reply to Anton
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  • Available code 08 + PDP driver positions Khabeer Last updated by JobisJob: 19 Oct 2016

    Hi , I activated my alerts for all code 08 drivers positions however , when applying for certain positions once my resume has been sent a few weeks or months after that I receive an email requiring my information which I already forwarded to the recipient when applying , another problem is that the job will say "Immediate vacancy to be filled" but yet nothing comes from that. One lady problem is for most positions I meet full requirements or at times are over qualified for the position yet I still apply and no shortlisting gets done , also if it's possible to stop adding fax numbers as people don't use fax machines and for people who is trying to actually get a job it's difficult as they spend hundreds of rand on faxing and still recieve no feedback and this is what frustrates me.

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    • JobisJob:

      Thank you very much for your feedback. JobisJob being an aggregator of job offers, doesn't handle applications directly nor have a say or the option to interfere with the recruitment processes of the job vacancies published on our web.
      Having said that, we’re eager to help our users as much as possible within our possibilities. Therefore, if you'd be as kind as to tell us the job posts you've applied for or the company who publishes them, Our Quality Assurance team can analyse the offers and take the necessary measures accordingly.

      13 Oct 2016 Reply to JobisJob
    • Khabeer:

      Hi thanks for the response , to be honest I apply for most code 08 driver positions , so I cant say exactly which companies it is. But once again thanks for the response. Also in the issue of the contact details is there no possible way for them to leave an email address or contact number ?

      13 Oct 2016 Reply to Khabeer
      • JobisJob:

        Hi Khabeer, we understand. If you come across any of the names please let us know, we’ll get down to it straight away.
        As to the contact details, please bear in mind that JobisJob does not intervene in the drafting of the text for the offers, nor the selection process or the recruitment process for that matter.
        Please rest assured that if there is anything else we can do for you that is in our hands, we’ll be happy to do so.

        17 Oct 2016 Reply to JobisJob
    • Khabeer:

      Here are a few recruitment agencies whos vacancies i applied for Frogg recruitment , 1fourall recruitment , zingi or zingzi jobs, SABS these are just a few which I can recall

      17 Oct 2016 Reply to Khabeer
      • JobisJob:

        Dear Khabeer,
        Thank you for your response. The information has been passed on to our Quality Assurance team, who is analysing the form of these companies. They’ll follow our quality control protocol and take measures if necessary.
        It would be great if all companies incorporated answering all applicants into their culture!

        19 Oct 2016 Reply to JobisJob
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  • Driver code 8 Micheal David Nel 18 Oct 2016

    Hi my name is David, I'm currently looking for a job as a driver, code. Around in pmburg. I'm 61 yrs of age and been driving for years as an inspector in security companies. I don't smoke or neither drinking alcohol. I'm a church going person.

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  • I'm hereby applying for job to any company for driving xaddy 05 Oct 2016

    I have code 10 drivers with valid PDP. I have grade 12 and national diploma in public relations management. I have 3 years of driving experience and one year of admin clerk experience. So I need a job for driving even for administration is fine.

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  • My career goals JobisJob Last updated by SP Xulu: 29 Jul 2016

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • thabiso:

      My ideal job is to be driver ,i have code 1o with prdp ,,

      19 Jan 2016 Reply to thabiso
    • Moyisi Macdonald Joka:

      My goal for 2016 is to be employed as a code 10 with pdp driver

      20 Jan 2016 Reply to Moyisi Macdonald Joka
    • SP Xulu:

      Im Siyabonga Patrick Xulu
      Im in a possession of Code 10 drivers licence +PDP,Grade 12(maths and science),Health and Safety rep(SHE rep) certificate,Waste management certificate,OHS certificate,Environmental awareness certificate.
      3years driving experience
      5 years teaching experience
      1 year working as a Sales consultant

      Communication skills
      Marketing skills
      Selling skills
      Computer skills

      Thank you
      SP Xulu

      29 Jul 2016 Reply to SP Xulu
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  • My dream job JobisJob Last updated by bongane: 30 Apr 2016

    If you could chose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Antonio :

      My ideal job is driver

      13 Apr 2016 Reply to Antonio
    • Luyanda Kupiso:

      My ideal job is tlb operate 2years experience,am hard worker,also am 27 years old am so desperate for job,my contacts .

      16 Apr 2016 Reply to Luyanda Kupiso
    • Colly Adam Mogashoa:

      Hi i'm Colly Adam Mogashoa looking for job ,code10 and excavator i'm a hard working guy my number 0799962235

      18 Apr 2016 Reply to Colly Adam Mogashoa
    • calvin:

      My ideal job is driver

      26 Apr 2016 Reply to calvin
    • bongane:

      My ideal job is to b driver i have code 10 licence with pdp

      30 Apr 2016 Reply to bongane
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  • Are there any major pros in working this type of job? JobisJob Last updated by Jabulani: 02 Feb 2016

    What is the major value or take away you get from working this job?

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    • Jabulani:

      I value team work,good customer service,reliability,positive attitude,well presentable

      02 Feb 2016 Reply to Jabulani
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