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  • Carpenter 11 Oct 2017

    Hi I have 10 yes working experience on carpenter I can do kitchen unit, wall wodrop, wooden floors, tailings, pallets chair's, pallet plusma stand, couches with pallet and more With wood work and if samone need them call mecatc0742961840 or

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  • Carp entry Last updated by Gomezgan Mhango: 01 Aug 2017

    I'm deaf young aged 32,Malawian. I'm employed carpentry experience 3yrs eg door bed chair painting cabinet maker

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    • Hi Gomezgan! look for it here:

      Best wishes,

      31 Jul 2017 Reply to Boseda
    • I'm ayoung ha a carpentry lhave certificate trade test exp 3yrs
      .lm adoor man a lm looking job .he a hearing impaired and good speaking

      01 Aug 2017 Reply to Gomezgan Mhango
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  • My dream job Last updated by humbulani: 29 Mar 2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is to be a carpenter i did go tecnicon but i dont have expreance and need this job want can i do because i dont have expreance

      29 Mar 2016 Reply to humbulani
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  • Company culture Last updated by theo de villiers: 02 Jan 2016

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value time

      02 Jan 2016 Reply to theo de villiers
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