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JobisJob for job seekers

How do I apply to jobs?

After you've run a search, click on job titles to view the job offer in detail. This takes you out of JobisJob to the website listing the job. Application instructions will vary from site to site.
For jobs where we can't locate the application page, please, read carefully through the 'How to apply' section.
Application for job offers found using JobisJob always takes place outside JobisJob, namely in our providers’ websites. How to apply for a job offer found using JobisJob depends entirely on the providers’ application system, so unfortunately JobisJob cannot give you any assistance on this issue.

Where do I have to send my CV to, can I upload it?

Please do not send us any CVs. We do not have any CV database. JobisJob is a search engine and we automatically extract the job offers from various sources, and do not have any further information on neither the companies nor the positions offered. For this reason, we simply would not know what to do with your CV.
Please read carefully through the application details of the job offer because there you will find the details on if and how a CV can be submitted.

How to stop a job alert?

Please note that JobisJob staff can not cancel any job alerts for you.
To stop a job alert, please go to the bottom of one of the job e-mail alerts you receive and click on the cancellation link.
If the cancellation link does not work, you will find a url which you can copy paste into your browser. After hitting enter, the alert will be deleted.
For registered users have the additional option of creating, modifying and cancelling alerts from within their account. If you wish to cancel an alert using your account, sign in, go the link 'My Jobs' and then to section 'My Alerts'. There you will find the list of all the alerts you have created. By clicking on 'delete' you can cancel each alert individually.

How to modify a job alert?

Please note that JobisJob staff can not modify any job alerts for you.
If you would like to modify an alert, simply go to the bottom of the email alert you would like to change. There you will find the link 'Edit'. By clicking on this link, you will get access to the combination of keywords and filters you have used to create the alert and have the opportunity to adapt them to make them fit your needs.
Registered users have the additional option of editing their alerts from within the section 'My Alerts' (inside 'My jobs'). There you will find a clear overview of all your alerts and a set of comprehensive tools to manage and modify them.

How do I get emails notifying me of new jobs?

We'll send you a daily or weekly alert to notify you of new job listings that match your criteria. All you have to do is:

  1. Run a search.
  2. Drill down the search results using the 'Filter jobs by' column. (Optional)
  3. Click on the alert box.
  4. Enter the email address where you would like to receive the alerts. (Only if you're not a registered user)
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email, confirm the alert by clicking on the link and start receiving job alerts! (Only if you're not a registered user)
If you are already receiving JobisJob alerts, you can create additional job alerts directly from inside any email alert by clicking on the link 'Create a new alert'
You can cancel an alert, change the frequency or the destination address at any time in the 'My Alerts' area. (Only if you're a registered user)
You can also cancel an email alert by clicking on the cancellation link at the bottom of any received alert. (Also for unregistered users.)

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JobisJob for recruiters

How much does posting jobs on JobisJob cost?

Please, check all prices, pricing discounts and benefits by clicking here.

How do candidates apply for the jobs I post on JobisJob?

Candidates will contact you using the data you put into the field 'Contact Information', or alternatively, by accessing the web page you provide in the field 'Job Offer URL'.
If you choose to insert your email address you will receive a jobisjob alert each time a user applies to your offer, with applicants' cv and cover letter directly in your email.

Do my jobs go online immediately?

Each new or re-edited submitted advert will normally be displayed within a few hours of posting. Adverts are subject to our Quality processes at any time and could be rejected if they do not meet our quality requirements.

What kind of jobs can't I post?

Please, do not post your job listing for:
  • Work-from-home opportunities
  • Barter or volunteer positions
  • Deferred pay positions
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM) jobs or positions that require a monetary investment by the job seeker
For more information see our Legal Terms

How do I publish appealing job offers to attract more candidates?

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